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State budgetary health institution of the Kamchatka Territory "Milkovskaya district hospital" (GBUZ KK "Milkovskaya RB") 

Milkovskaya district hospital was founded in 1935. At the moment, the Milkovskaya district hospital includes a district clinic, a children's consultation, a therapeutic and surgical building in a hospital building, a day hospital building, Atlas medical outpatient clinic, Dolinovsky feldsher-midwife station, Sharomsky feldsher-obstetric center , Lazovsky feldsher-midwife station, Pushchino feldsher-obstetric station, Tayozhninsky feldsher-obstetric station. 

Acting Chief Physician Kirichenko Tatyana Aleksandrovna 


1. Milkovskaya district hospital specializes in providing primary health care. 

2. The capacity of the therapeutic and surgical corps is stationary beds 48 and 35 beds of a day hospital 

3. Annually, primary health care is provided here to residents and guests of the Milkovsky district. 

The nomenclature of works and services performed in the GBUZ KK "Milkovskaya district hospital" in accordance with the licenses of the Ministry of Health of the Kamchatka Territory 

- first-aid medical care in obstetrics; 

- nursing in therapy; 

- nursing in surgery; 

- laboratory and functional diagnostics; 

- operational affairs; 

- nursing in pediatrics; 

- anesthesiology and resuscitation; 

- physiotherapy; 


Outpatient care: 

- including primary health care: functional and laboratory diagnostics; examination of temporary disability; 

- including in the provision of medical assistance to the population in therapy, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology; examination of temporary disability; 


Inpatient medical care 

including primary health care: 

- anesthesiology and resuscitation; 

- clinical laboratory diagnostics; 

- functional diagnostics; 


- Surgery, including during the provision of medical assistance to women during pregnancy, during and after childbirth: obstetrics and gynecology; neonatology; examination of temporary disability; 

Address units Milkovo district hospital: 

  • day hospital buildings: with. Milkovo, st. Soviet 79A; 

  • round-the-clock hospital: with. Milkovo, st. Soviet 79, 

  • polyclinics: with. Milkovo, st. Soviet 26; 

  • children's consultation: with. Milkovo, st. Soviet 66 

Phone number of the head physician's reception: 8 (41533) 2-17-68 

E-mail: muz-mzrb@yandex.ru 





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